What is Clear Aligner Therapy?

    What is clear aligner therapy? Simply put, it is an orthodontic treatment in which clear plastic braces are worn to adjust the position of your teeth. While it may sound like a complicated treatment, the truth is that the treatment is actually relatively simple. These devices are virtually invisible, and are made to fit over your teeth like traditional braces. Typically, patients use clear aligner therapy to correct their smiles. In fact, some people even prefer the treatment to traditional braces.


    When you wear clear aligners, they work by activating the periodontal ligaments. This event signals osteoblasts to create new bone cells on one side of the tooth root and osteoclasts to break down the bone cells on the other. The clear aligners will gradually shift your teeth into their proper position, but this process takes time. Once your teeth are moved into their proper positions, you will have to replace the aligners every couple of weeks.


    Clear aligner therapy involves the use of clear dental appliances to gradually improve the appearance and function of your teeth. These clear appliances apply gentle pressure to the teeth and stimulate osteoclastic and osteocyte activity to shift the teeth into the correct positions. The benefits of clear aligner therapy over braces are countless. Most types of malocclusion can be corrected using these appliances, though some cases may require traditional braces and clear aligners. Be sure to find more information today!


    There are four major types of clear aligner products. They are categorized by their clinical applicability and the way they are delivered to the patient. From direct-to-consumer devices to comprehensive systems designed for complex malocclusions, there is a clear aligner product for you. Decide which option is best for you based on your needs. Our specialists can help you make the right decision. Please contact us if you have any questions about clear aligner therapy. The process is simple and stress-free. So what are you waiting for? Find out more about this exciting treatment! Check out this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/braces-orthodontics/ for more info about dentist.


    There are several benefits of clear aligner therapy at https://vaynerfamilydentistry.com/clear-aligner-therapy-in-fairfield/. These aligners are removable, which means that you can remove them for eating or brushing your teeth. This flexibility allows patients to maintain the alignment of their teeth without the hassles associated with braces. Clear aligners are discreet and almost invisible. However, they are not appropriate for everyone. Some corrections may require traditional braces. A clear aligner may be appropriate for some children but is not suitable for everyone.


    The duration of treatment varies, but typically, patients begin to see results within a few weeks. The length of treatment will vary depending on the severity of your case. However, it should not be more than six months or so. As long as you follow your orthodontist's recommendations, you should expect to see noticeable results in a few weeks. The benefits of clear aligner therapy are many. Aside from being nearly invisible, they can also improve your smile.


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